i made this the other day


i made this the other day

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I loved you so much once. I did. More than anything in the whole wide world. Imagine that. What a laugh that is now. We were so intimate once upon a time I can’t believe it now. I think that’s the strangest thing of all now. The memory of being that intimate with somebody. We were so intimate I could puke. I can’t imagine ever being that intimate with somebody else. I haven’t been.
Raymond Carver, Where I’m Calling From  (via thewastedgeneration)

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Don’t ask her to moan. Make her.
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There’s like a million different ways to say “I love you.”

'Put your seat belt on.'
‘Watch your step.’
‘Get some rest.’

…you just gotta listen.

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Summer selfie. Hi friends.

Summer selfie. Hi friends.


No mom they aren’t strangers on the internet they went to school with me but moved away

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